Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Vista is the premier Ethos Veterinary Health-owned veterinary emergency and specialty center in Northern California by providing the highest quality of care and compassion to our patients, clients and referring veterinarians.


Our Values:

The ABCDEs of Care and Compassion

Advanced Care:

We will provide the most advanced and progressive diagnostics and treatments available. We strive to actively advance veterinary medicine and accept nothing less than excellence.


We will take a balanced approach with Vista, clients and referring veterinarians all playing a vital role in the immediate and long-term care of our patients. We believe working together is the only way of achieving the highest level of care.


We will communicate in a clear, concise and timely fashion. Only with appropriate communication can we be successful.


We will be dependable and honest. We cannot succeed without integrity being a vital component of all aspects of care.


We will treat all patients, clients and referring veterinarians with the care and compassion they deserve. In essence, they have become a part of the Vista family and can expect to be treated as such.